5 Ways To Use A Pop-Up Display


Let’s get to poppin!

The Fabric Pop-Up Display is perfect for any church that wants to make an impression. The displays are versatile, lightweight, and go up in less than 5 minutes. They are customized to fit your space and can be used in creative ways to fit your churches unique design and mission. From 5ft to 30ft, these bold pop-ups are sure to create a statement. We love this product and we know it will serve you well! Check out our top 5 ways to use a pop-up display.

1. Kids Check-In Area

Let’s be honest, the children’s ministry is the heartbeat of our churches. Serve the kids well and the parents are more likely to keep coming. Let them know you value the children in your church with a dedicated check in area. Creating a space that is warm and welcoming to the children of your church is huge and should be a priority. Use a pop-up to welcome kids into their area, to cover a door or direct them to their check in. Pop ups are great for any space and personalize kids areas so well! Parents love their babies and they love to see that you do too!

2. Mission Statement

Keep the mission before your people! Use a pop-up with your mission statement to continue to emphasize your mission and vision to your congregation. Churches that continue to plant the seed of their mission see greater fruits as their people understand it and take ownership of it.

3. Welcome Center

Let people know from the moment they walk in your church, they are valued! A pop-up display can do just that. By showing your newcomers you are prioritizing personalizing your space. Show off your logo, church colors, and stylish taste.

4. Next Steps

Answer the questions of “Now What” and “Where Do I Go For More Info on Small Groups, Baptism, Membership…?”

5. To Transform A Space

You can literally transform a whole room with a pop-up display of any size. Cover a door, create a colorful barrier or hide an area in a school or auditorium. We literally use them for everything! If your church is in a school, we recommend using them to cover shelves or entrances that otherwise make the space staunch. Warm up your entrance! Cover that big window in the cafeteria! Show off your style in the halls!


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