Launch Sunday Love


Lights. Camera. Action!

If you’re launching on September 17th, Launch Sunday is less than 60 days away! Woohoo!

Each week across the country, churches are being planted with the mission to reach their community for Christ.

A new church plant can feel exciting, nerve-wracking and incredibly challenging, yet the results that are yielding are life changing!

Here at Radiant, we are excited to be able to serve you through this process. As ministers and lay people, we ourselves know the challenge of church planting and work to make this experience as successful and effortless as possible. Our products will make planting with style easier and more effective. We know the process, we get it, we’ve been there.


Our team recommends launching with a large crowd. We’ve learned that the ARC approach to launching big is foundational for building momentum and vision in your community. To reach the greatest amount of people for your launch Sunday, we recommend a large mailer, creative signage and invitation cards that make a mark.


#1. Put Together A Custom Bundle

Custom bundles are a great way to get everything you need for Launch Sunday.

Let us help you create a bundle with all you need to succeed from tents to table cloths. We know you need everything on day one, so let us help you get what you need to succeed!

From signage to invitation cards we can set you up for success! Check out our already put together bundles or create one that fits your unique needs. We love helping churches save money and look great!


#2. Create A Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is a great way to reach your community.

We recommend a strong campaign that will saturate your area with your church’s vision and launch details. A colorful postcard creates an invitation that your community will remember. Let us help you design something memorable.

We’ll walk you through the process from nonprofit approval to targeting the perfect audience for your church. We promise to make the process smooth and hold your hand all the way through!

We are excited to see you succeed at reaching your community for Christ!

Call us today to see how we can help you create a fun look that will set you apart!

Let’s get to launching!


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